About Us

Jason Meredith Custom Cabinetry (later changed to Arbor Wood Products, Inc.) was established in 1997 in the basement of my parent’s house. It all started with working a summer job with my neighbor’s company, building houses and cabinetry. I found I loved working with my hands and seeing a piece of furniture finished at the end of the day. I worked with him from my teen age years to the start of college. While in college I worked with various egineering firms as a summer intern learning the engineering trade. After finishing my Industrial Engineering degree from 1992-1997, I reallized that working for other companies was not my passion, it was working with my hands and building cabinetry. I approached my parents for an additional loan to start up Arbor Wood Products and the rest is history.

In 2000, I out grew my parents basement and rented 1000 square feet of a 7000 sqft building. With cabinet sales increasing, I purchased the building and used the entire 7000 sqft. It was during this time I discovered an area of need for local cabinet shops. I started producing door and drawer components for other cabinet companies. The capital equipment needed to produce these components was expensive, so a lot of smaller shops would hire us to produce these items. I realized the growth potential and distributed a sales catalog through a local lumber salesman. My company began producing enough products that an expansion was needed again.

In 2007, I purchased a 33,000 sqft building in Kansas City, KS in the Fairfax district where the GM assembly plant is located. The housing market took a hit during 2008-2009 and the company had to determine a way to make it through these tough times. I started manufacturing frameless cabinetry for the commercial and residential industry, which is another very successful line of products for our company.
In 2012, which is now our FEIT Cabinet line, we started producing semi-custom box cabinets. These cabinets are manufactured at a great price point and have a faster turnaround.
Arbor Wood Products, Inc. offers:

  1. Custom kitchen cabinets
  2. Component drawer and door sales
  3. Commercial frameless cabinetry
  4. Residential frameless cabinetry
  5. FEIT Cabinet Line Semi-custom Cabinet
  6. Product finishing
  7. Laminate Tops: Square Edge and Post form (Integrated or not integrated Back Splash)

Arbor Wood Products, Inc. is here for all your needs. Give us a call as we have a sales team just for you.‚Äč